Monday, January 21, 2008


I never want to hear that word again! As people have been finding out that we're moving to Minneapolis, it's all anyone can say. "It's cold there!" "Why would you want to move there, it's cold!" "Did you know it was cold there?"

Yes!! I've heard that! Enough already! It's like everyone telling me it's rainy in Seattle (which it isn't really). In fact, Minneapolis certainly isn't the coldest place in the world.

The top 10 coldest places in the world:
1Vostok, Antarctica-128.6
2Plateau Station, Antarctica-119.2
3Oymyakon, Russia-96.0
4Verkhoyansk, Russia-89.8
5Northice, Greenland-86.8
6Eismitte, Greenland-84.8
7Snag,Yukon, Canada-81.4
8Prospect Creek, Alaska, US-79.8
9Fort Selkirk, Yukon, Canada-74.0
10Rogers Pass, Montana, US-69.7

Followed by the top 10 coldest places in the US:

1 Fargo, ND -2.3°F
2 St. Cloud, MN -1.2°F
3 Bismarck, ND -0.6°F
4 Duluth, MN 1.1°F
5 Blaine, MN 1.8°F
5 Coon Rapids, MN 1.8°F
7 Maple Grove, MN 2.8°F
7 Minnetonka, MN 2.8°F
7 Plymouth, MN 2.8°F
10 Sioux Falls, SD 2.9°F

Minneapolis does make it on this list - at #15! So yeah, it's cold - but it's not the coldest place. =)


@bdul muHib said...
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@bdul muHib said...
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Aimee said...

Welcome. again. =)

I'm not sure about what they call mountains (if they have any) back east. The picture on the left is at Snoqualmie Pass and the one on the right is somewhere in one of the Dakotas I think.
Both pictures are from the drive to Seattle last year.

@bdul muHib said...

How slow am I? I just got the title of the new blog.

So, on the picture on the right, is that what back East they call a mountain in the back?

The picture reminds me of something out of On the Banks of Plum Creek. That would be so cool if you got to live in a dugout.