Thursday, April 24, 2008


April 11th - I peered into the seed starter tray and saw a tiny little sprout!!

Five days later five sprouts were up:

Yesterday I potted six that were getting too big for the sprouter. There are still two little ones in there and several more I'm still waiting on.

Those who are plant savvy might be thinking - "hey! those seeds you planted on the first day of spring were marigolds and these are NOT marigolds!" Well, you're right. The marigolds didn't come up, they were never meant to be. So I bought some nasturtium seeds because I love those too.

Jeremy and I just bought seeds from the Seed Savers Exchange: beans, tomatoes, chard, kale, herbs, etc. I've been working on digging up the garden space. We have a big 4' x 18' one in the back yard and a littler 2 or 3' x 8' in the front yard.

Just getting things ready though, we're not planting yet. I guess the last frost date is sometime around mid-May! In fact, they're calling for snow again this weekend. Hard to believe after the last three days have been well in the 70s and glorious. I suppose that will make all the Northwesters happy since they've been having bizarre frigid weather.


@bdul muHib said...

Darn. My pot- the Suqutran violets- started as tiny sprigs, and then spectacularly died. I think there were worms in the soil.

Aimee said...

ooh, a spectacular death - what does that look like? Sorry they didn't make it. =(

@bdul muHib said...

Well, I used the word taxonomically incorrectly. There were worms, but they were good, of course. It was the centipedes that were bad. A little green, and then disappearing.

Persian Violet

Aimee said...

Wow - that's bizarre. I've never seen a plant go that way. Slugs, yes. Deer, yes. But centipedes? Kind of creepy...