Friday, January 30, 2009

Chicken Count Down: 19 days to go

In order to get chickens here (and probably in many urban areas) you have to get a small animal permit. This involves getting signatures from 80% of your neighbors within 100 feet of your property.

Jeremy and I have been tramping around the last three days and nights knocking on neighbors doors and begging for signatures. Well, it hasn't been that bad: people have been so excited to sign the permit many people interrupted us in the middle of our prepared speech saying yes of course they'd sign! One neighbor offered to come help do anything we needed. One neighbor asked if he could get eggs from us. One neighbor wanted to trade fresh goats milk or beef or whatever they could get through their connections for eggs. We also passed out a flier to everyone telling them about the chickens, the coop, and inviting everyone to an "open coop" in a few weeks to see the babies. We got the 80% we needed and are ready to send the form in.


@bdul muHib said...

How many signatures do you need when you add the roosters? ;-)

Aimee said...

The same amount. I think there were like 25 or 30 households we had to get signatures from. I don't think a single person asked us how many chickens we were getting or if we were getting roosters in the deal. They were all just so excited to sign! A good number had either had chickens in the past or had been thinking about getting chickens.

@bdul muHib said...

Oh, I was just thinking from experience, how different it is living next to a bunch of chickens, verses living next to even one rooster.

Liz Opp said...

Very cool! Thanks for the photos, too.

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up