Friday, May 15, 2009


We've been busy this week. We kept plugging away at the attic and went from this on Wednesday:

looking to the west, all the plaster is off...

looking to the east...a huge pile of plaster to cart away...

To this on Thursday!

all the plaster, lathe, insulation, railing, and carpeting gone

Our floors are painted green on the east side and red on the west side. The stairs are alternating orange and red. Very interesting. Our builder speculates it's actually gold and maroon - the colors for the University of Minnesota. Hmmm.

We've also been busy outside. Jeremy has almost finished the French drain on the north side. It drains into a rain garden in front of the house. More pics on that later.

As soon as the demo dust had cleared, we started in on the first floor. The first floor bedroom was a mess. It had been used as a paint studio I guess so there was paint spattered and smeared and dripped all over the walls. We got that all painted and started moving into painting in the living room. It's not done yet, but we're moving in tomorrow anyway! Yay!

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Tam said...

I think you should have a superheroes tag for these posts. You two are very well matched and it's fun to see you working together.

I hope the chickens are taking the lack of attention well. ;)