Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas, part III

Yes, it's my last Christmas post. Last week Jeremy and I went to Oregon to spend some time with my family. We had a Christmas exchange on Sunday when my brother and Grandpa were around. We also gave gifts to my brother for his birthday. And, we did a ton of work for my mom. She just bought a house in Salem and is attempting to turn it into her own urban farm. More on that later.

I just wanted to show the other gifts that I made for Christmas.

For my niece Amaya I made a little quilt that was called "Baby Biscuits" in the book I found it in. You make all these pillows and sew them together.

Here she is enjoying her bell toy more than the blanket - but I'm sure someday she'll notice it and like it. =)

I made a quilt for my sister too. I've made one for my younger sister and brother and a couple for my niece. I've been meaning to make this one for years and I finally got around to it. (I took it to Kansas for Christmas and, with a little bit of help from others, it was quilted in 12 days!)

My little sister got this wristlet (as they're calling them) and a book by my friend Peggy Parsons.

I made these hot pads for my grandpa. They're based on the classic Danish hearts, but I made them in blue since red seemed kind of girly for my g-pa. He liked them.

I made fleece pajama pants for my brother and brother-in-law and a bag for my mom - but I forgot to take pictures of them!

My little sister made me an awesome bathrobe and pajama pants. I was pretty surprised. I've been making pajama pants (and a robe once) for the guys in my family (and my sister once) for years. Maybe 4 or 5 years. This is the first time someone made me something so that was really cool.

So, Christmas is over for another year...but I'm already planning and thinking about gifts for next year. You have to start early when you make things!

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