Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another fix-it project

An acquaintance wanted me to fix a coat she had. It was her favorite and she'd had it for years so of course it was quite worn. Actually, the outside was mostly fine; it was the lining she was concerned about. It was made of shoddy material. Here is a scrap of the sleeve lining I took out:

Threadbare and shredded on the bottom. Most of the lining was like this. Ack!

The owner had started on making a new lining but gave up. She handed over a bag of silk scraps and the partially made lining and I set to work!

Success! My favorite part was learning how to do these little pockets. I've never done ones like this before (I don't even know what the technical sewing term is for them).

Most of the repair projects I have now aren't that interesting - just patches and zipper fixes. Of course I've got other sewing projects going on - but I can't tell you about them until after Christmas!! =)

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