Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New window

These are the original windows in the garage. They were parts of double-hung windows that were just framed into the wall. They are small and scuffed and hard to see out of.

This is the awesome big window we got for our bathroom remodel. Since purchasing it (at a building materials salvage place) we totally changed our plans for the bathroom. So this window was up for grabs.

So Jeremy cut the other window out and began the process of making the hole bigger for the new window.

(uh, yeah, this was a month ago - a little more snow then!)

Here's the window today:

Looks slighly trashy with the old curtain hanging there, but it's not good to have sunlight on the mushroom logs, and there are a lot (A LOT) of logs in the garage!

So many logs it's hard to get them all in view - I had to get up against the wall behind the bikes to get that last shot. There are plenty more logs stacked behind that giant stack.
Jeremy's estimates were a bit off so it looks like he has some extra logs. So if anyone needs some logs for innoculating mushrooms, let us know!


Jane said...

That window really opens it up in there. There will be less needs for lighting once the logs are out. If there wasn't 1000 miles between us I would take you up on those logs. I noticed that some of mine have split on the ends, so now I am scared they are too dry. I am going to be fussing about them for the next year ;)

Aimee said...

Weird - I'll ask Jeremy if he knows what that means. Hopefully it just means really big mushrooms are trying to break out. =)