Wednesday, April 27, 2011

mmm, mmm...mostly

After I saw Jane's post the other day about pop overs, I had to make some! I made a batch yesterday, half in this funny cast iron pan I have and half in small muffin tins. I was amazed that they rose! I mean, there's no baking soda/powder! But I guess eggs are a kind of leavening or something. (Hey, I know baking is a science, I just don't know anything about the science!)

The ones in the muffin pans popped up and were very fluffy and tasty. The ones in the cast iron pan didn't really rise much and they were totally flat on the top. And they tasted weird. Like old cast iron pan or something. I'm not sure what happened there.

So I decided to give the rest of those to the chickens (I know they won't complain!) and I baked another batch this afternoon which turned out lovely and tasty - using just my regular large-size muffin pan.

In other food success news, I've also just made my once-yearly coconut cream pie for my friend Joseph. I make this every year for his birthday - from a real coconut that we hack to pieces on the kitchen floor! I didn't make the crust from scratch, but hey: beggars can't be choosers!

It looks beautiful and tastes fantastic - I just wish it didn't fall to pieces and slump in when cut.


Jane said...

Not sure why the cast iron pan did not work except it may have needed to been in a little longer since it takes longer to heat up ?? But the pie looks to die for. Joseph is one lucky guy

Aimee said...

Well, the pan is very funny. It's not a muffin pan - I thought it was a popover pan. It is a dozen little round cups, like half of a sphere. It reminds me of an aebleskiver pan, but those are for the stovetop as far as I know and not the oven. Maybe it didn't work so well because it needs higher sides? I'll keep experimenting - these are so tasty and easy to make!

Aimee's Mom said...

sounds like an aebleskiver pan. where did you get it? Taste weird is from not seasoning it enough - probably.

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