Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekend Project

[Note: this was a weekend project in mid-April! I wrote this whole post and just discovered it never went live. Grr. Stupid Blogger - I'm sure I hit the publish button! In any case, though the event has passed, here's what I had meant to share!] 

I won't be home this weekend so my project won't be planting beds, tending to early spring activities, digging up grass, etc. I'm heading down to Kansas City for the 10th Annual Prairie Village Earth Fair. My MIL is organizing a section for green crafts, DIY type stuff, so I've filled up my suitcase with all the recycled things I've got (shopping bags from curtains, tie pillows, etc).

On the plane, and in other spare moments, I'll be quilting this:

Looks like they allow scissors on the plane now. That will make it easier!

[Note to self: unless you fly first-class, there will never be room in sardine-class to work on a quilt! But, I did manage to get a lot of work done on the quilt that weekend and finished it a couple days after returning home. Here it is all finished, washed up, and ready to go:

Ready to go where? To some friends of ours who just had their baby a week after we delivered this baby quilt. Congratulations C & J!)


Jane said...

Well now I want to go to the earth fair! How was it?

Aimee said...

It was pretty good - thanks! There were some great bands playing all day, some great food, lots of interesting booths about earthy things (solar power, etc). There was a group that had legalized chickens in their city/suburb so they brought chickens in which of course made a ruckus all day, especially while they were laying eggs! And there was a guy from the raptor center with a bunch of hawks and owls - which screeched and carried on all day. The craft area was fun too. Quite a sucess I thought. =)