Monday, June 6, 2011


I have been waiting for ages for my Siberian Irises to bloom. This year the leaves got much bigger than I'd ever seen them and then a couple weeks ago I noticed these purplish bumps that I realized were irises-to-be! They finally started blooming last week. I was thrilled!

Here are a bunch of them in the front rain garden:

The other three types/colors of irises have been blooming too.
Darker purple ones:

The ones that smell just like grape koolaid:

and the yellow ones in the front yard (new this year!)

Here's a shot of the back rain garden looking quite glorious with regular iris, siberian iris, columbine, phlox, and some unknown flowers in bloom - and many more yet to bloom!

Out in front, between the rows of raspberries, are the poppies. One bloomed yesterday. Then a whole bunch more bloomed over night.

This flower has moved back onto the 'unknown' list since the little identifying tag is completely blank! I guess permanent marker can't stand up to a Minnesota winter.

Lastly, another one of my favorites in full bloom now, the wild geranium:

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