Monday, July 11, 2011

Loads of raspberries

Our raspberries are doing better this year than they've ever done. They've slowly been ripening and for the past week or so I've managed to find one or two to nibble on every time I leave the house.

We recently had some good rain and then lots of warm weather and the raspberries went to town. I prefer to eat them right off the plant or pick some to have on yogurt or ice cream. I don't like to pick a bunch and put them in the fridge. They just aren't good after that.

But we had a lot of raspberries! A pound and a half to be exact:

I picked everything that seemed ripe and it was an impressive haul (for just growing them in our yard anyway - we're not a u-pick!). These are different colors because we have black, red, and royal raspberries. We also have a variety called Korean Gold but it's just sending up shoots this year, not fruiting.

I dumped them all in that baking dish, sprinkled on a tiny amount of sugar (for the few that were perhaps not quite ripe enough yet), and plopped on some biscuit dough. And out came this lovely:

After cooling a bit, we walked it a couple blocks away and surprised some friends with a dinner-ruining raspberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream snack. They didn't complain one bit. =)


Julie said...

Our is doing great too! I always forget how much is usual for our harvest, so I can't say for certain that we are producing more but it seems like it to me. I'm harvesting about 4-5 oz each day. You could freeze your raspberries or make a raspberry syrup to have with chocolate chip pancakes. That's what we do!

Aimee said...

I think we froze raspberries a year or two ago and may still have them. Hmm. Syrup is a good idea. We've made jam too, but one batch was way too seedy. Maybe jelly... =)