Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A steamy update

Well folks, it is hot, hot, hot, hot, hot! And really humid! We're sitting at 96 degrees and nearly 60% humidity. It feels like 108 out there. It's times like this that I feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever that we have central air and are basking in mid-70s and no humidity.

Of course, it makes it really hard to take pictures outside (or go outside if you wear glasses) because everything steams up! In fact, all the windows in the downstairs have been steamed up since Sunday.

I wiped the camera lense off repeatedly, but I just couldn't get a clear (non-romantic-looking) picture!

These are six cucumber plants we planted on Sunday - the hottest day of this humigeddon so far.

I was actually quite impressed with how they looked yesterday, one day after transplanting. Even now some of them are managing to hold up. I guess cucumbers are hard to kill? We'll find out.

This is more of my effort to get most of our plants from neighbors/strangers who planted too much and have to thin out later. Thank you neighbors!

This poor gal is a little lost chicken that Jeremy found hanging near Matt's Bar (home of the original jucy lucy!). No one has claimed her yet so she's hanging out in a dog crate in the back yard. We've got to find someone to take her. She seems to be doing well despite the heat and humidity!


Julie said...

Can't wait for 100 degrees tomorrow with a heat index of who knows. I'm been teaching sewing to kids in a school with no air conditioning. Our corn and peppers are loving it though!

gkbccb said...

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