Sunday, August 28, 2011

We've been meaning to take that down...

Last week there was quite a storm over night. Lots of rain, not much lightning, and lots of wind. I remember the wind waking me up, and praying our roof wouldn't fly away!

In the morning, I looked out the back door to this view:

A large branch from one of the junk trees had come down!

Right into the rain garden.

Given that the branch had been growing over our roof, I was pretty happy that it blew down sideways instead of right down onto the roof.

Jeremy says it wasn't that big of a branch and our roof could have handled it, but I'm sure it would have at least mangled the gutters and maybe some of the standing seam of the metal roof.

Instead, it just smashed and ruined my whole Turtle Head Flower. Oh well, it will come back next year!


Jane said...

Ugh, glad that missed the roof too. I'm with you, I think that could have done some type of damage.

Julie said...

I didn't even know it stormed. At least you lucked out. we have a distant neighbor with a similar experience. If it had hit the house....