Sunday, June 24, 2012

The secret to success

I think the secret to growing food really well is not liking it.

Case in point: we grew wine cap mushrooms last year and did not like them at all. Now they are growing all over the place, spreading far beyond where they were planted. At least they look pretty.

The other thing is ground cherries. They look like tomatillos, little berries that grow in papery husks and are sweet. They're not bad, but they weren't our favorite. I think we had two or three plants on top of the terrace. Now we have ground cherry plants popping up EVERYWHERE. They're in all the garden beds and more. It's really quite amazing.

Maybe if we focus on not liking tomatoes our tomato plants will start growing!


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

I agree with you 100% which is why we need to start eating and liking slugs, squash bugs, and stink bugs. Can you believe I have never been able to get a ground cherry to germinate and if it did, it never grew. See that was because I wanted them too much.

Michael Moore said...

You might be on to something...

This year I decided to not plant any squash or pumpkins, and I've got more volunteers than ever before.

I did in fact cut back on the number of tomato plants, and the volunteers are bigger and more vigorous than the ones I started from seed!

Also, not sure if you know, but you can't read the comments on your blog, they appear as black text on a black background.

Aimee said...

Jane - wow, maybe there is something to this - but I just don't think I could ever get myself to eat slugs. Blech!!

Michael - Those pesky volunteers! Well, I guess it's not always that bad. We've got a couple pathetic tomatoes that we planted, and a couple more very vigorous volunteers that have popped up in the strawberries, kale, and elsewhere. =)

Also - I know about the black on black problem. I've tried to fix it before and for some reason Blogger won't let me change the font color of the comments. Grr.
One way around is to highlight the text in the comment area. The other way is to click on the comments link and that will open a window with a white background where you can read everything. =)
I've been thinking about a blog update anyway, and maybe that will include a different background color!

parsnips aplenty said...

Groundcherries, yum! They get dipped in chocolate in our pastry kitchen, and I love them as jam.