Monday, March 3, 2008

The Move: Day 2

Hello from Corvallis, Montana!

Sunday morning we attempted to have the "continental breakfast" at our hotel, but there wasn't much to be had. We checked out and found Frank's Diner. Frank's is a converted observation car. It was in Seattle for 60 years. After they lost their lease they moved to Spokane. We knew it would be a good place when they told us there would be a 25 to 30 minute wait! Our wait wasn't too long and Jeremy and I shared a "Li'l Frenchy" - french toast, egg, and sausage. Mmm, it was tasty!

We got back on the road and headed east. We stopped in Couer d'Alene for lunch items from the Pilgrim's Market - chevre for our scones and kale slaw. I know it sounds weird, but it was tasty! We also picked up some 91% dark chocolate made by Theo. The place is in Seattle, close to where we lived, and we never visited!

Back on the road, we came into Montana and took the cutoff near Missoula. Our travels today take us to my friends Scott & Jen who I met in Guatemala last summer. They have an incredibly beautiful home out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by pine trees, mountains, cow fields, and the neighbors dogs.

It is so quiet out here! Day 3 we move on to visit with my Aunt, about 30 miles down the road...

p.s. there are more pictures to be seen here:


@bdul muHib said...

Can't wait for the pictures to show up! Did you see the great Missoula Flood dam break while you were there? That's so cool that you were right next to it, after driving through the effects of the flood all through Eastern Washington!

Joyce White said...

Once again, we pass like ships in the night. Sunday morning, I traveled with Bible Quizzers from Hayden Lake (Couer d'Alene area) through Spokane back to Newberg. I think this happened when Jeremy was moving out to Seattle and I was helping a friend more to Omaha.

Omar Poppenlander said...

Theo chocolates is awesome! They are 100% organic, fair trade, etc., etc. They offer a factory tour twice a day, so you can see how they actually make all those crazy flavors. Next time you're in Seattle perhaps Beth and I can take you.