Friday, March 7, 2008

The Move: Day 6

Our goal today was to reach Rapid City, South Dakota. We left later than we intended from Sheridan so we weren’t able to make it to the alpaca farm.

After a couple hours of driving we turned off I-90 toward Devil’s Tower. It was a bit comical to be heading for this picturesque site while it was snowy and cloudy. We couldn’t see anything for quite some time, but finally the tower loomed in the distance.

We drove up to the base and had a car lunch of left-over tamale, bread, scone, cheese, and some beets for Jeremy. We took a walk part way around the tower. It was incredible. The weather was incredible too. When we had arrived at the base it was socked in and snowing. By the time we’d hiked to the base of the tower, probably only 20 minutes later, it was clear blue sky!

We said goodbye to Devil’s Tower, and then to Wyoming. We had made reservations at Jake’s in Deadwood (a restaurant co-owned by Kevin Costner) but the weather just wasn’t good enough to take that detour. Instead we found the Corn Exchange, a bistro right in Rapid City. It turned out to be right across the street from our hotel!

The Corn Exchange is a lovely bistro and restaurant serving a lot of local and regional foods. We settled on a glass of merlot from Washington (for old times sake!); a salad of mixed greens, candied pecans, fuji apple slices, and goat cheese; and wild Alaskan sockeye salmon with currant jam topping, grilled polenta with basil, and some veggies on the side. They also served bread and butter with a sprinkling of fleur de sel. We had just enough room to share one of their incredible desserts: pot de crème with 62% cocoa. Oh my word, it was incredible! Overall, a very nice meal and a great restaurant to relax in.

We pretty much went back to the hotel and collapsed. We’ve decided that today, Friday, will be our last day on the road. We’re pushing to make Minneapolisby the end of the day!


@bdul muHib said...

Wow, that was a quick trip! Did you see any of my little grey friends at Devil's Tower?

So, if you're moving, what two animals do you most want to have with you?

Answer: An elephant, for the trunk, and the alpaca to volunteer to put everything in the trunk...

Jessica (your sister) said...

isnt Devils Tower where the aliens landed in Close Encounters? Did you see any UFO's by any chance?