Saturday, June 21, 2008

How does your garden grow?

Ours is growing quite well at the moment. Here are a few updated photos you can compare with the first shots:

Two of our tomatoes and some bush beans:

Two kinds of kale, chard, and brussels sprouts:

More tomatoes, squashes, cilantro, mint, and some marigolds tucked in for good measure:

Dill, fennel, parsley, chives, and a lot of lettuce (hiding under the white shading):

Our first tomato!!

Scarlet runner beans:

Christmas lima beans and rattlesnake beans:

Something out there really likes our christmas lima beans and most have been chomped to the ground. But anything with a bit of green left is, miraculously, pushing on and trying to grow still!

Blue lake pole beans:

Our peas in front, including some more blue lake pole beans on the far side, some marigolds, and some basil which is still very tiny.

We have flowers!

And peas!!!


Jessica (your sister) said...

I know the marigolds are to keep the slugs away, thats a given, but what about the wire cage that to keep bunnies from munching your greens?

Aimee said...

They're for a series of things. They partly help keep the dog out for one thing! Mostly there are some in there to help keep the bird netting up - this stuff is so fine you can't see it in the pictures (or in-person sometimes). But that keeps out birds and squirrels, and the dog. Some of the cages also work well to support plants.