Monday, November 17, 2008

Root Cellar Creation: Part 5

Jeremy said, “Let us go to Scherer Lumber and get 11 sheets of Forestry Council Certified plywood.” And Aimee said, “How on earth are we going to fit that in our compact car?”
Jeremy said, “I will borrow our neighbor’s car, the Dirty Black Dog art car.” And Aimee said, “Whatever you say.”

That interesting trip done and the plywood safely home, Aimee said, “How will you cut these pieces of plywood?” And Jeremy said, “I will borrow a saw.” And so he did borrow a radial saw from a different neighbor.

The plywood was measured and cut and attached to the walls and ceiling. Cut-outs were made around pipes, lights, outlets, and other random things.

Many, many, many evenings and mornings passed, and it was the fifth step done. Aimee and Jeremy looked and saw that they were finally making progress and it was awesome!


Anonymous said...

if only my fence project were coming along as swimmingly as your root cellar project! i can't wait to see pictures once it's fully packed with all of your yummy preserves.

Aimee said...

I can't wait to see pictures too! We'd better take some before tomorrow! =)