Monday, December 29, 2008

Ice Breakers

Greetings from chilly Minneapolis, where we've had a heat wave lately - up to 30 for a few days now! The 'warmth' caused a lot of melting, but then things freeze again so most of the sidewalks around here have turned to solid ice. It seemed like a perfect time for ice skating!

It was pretty icy just getting the five blocks or so over to the the lake.

Here's the lake! (Just watch out for thin ice areas.)

They have a warming "house" and a pile of skates that people can borrow for free. Jeremy and Ian (Jeremy's brother) both had their own skates. I had to dig through the pile to find a pair that fit.

We're on the ice!

Some places had the most amazing clear ice going down some distance and all these frozen air bubbles coming up - it looked like the starry night sort of.

Here are a couple shots of Ian and I skating - I'm the one that looks like a giant sloth.

But, for my first time ever skating, I never fell down (or fell through the ice)!!


Jessica (your sister) said...

you are such a nerd, this wasn't your first time skating. Mom used to take us when we lived in Portland before we found out about the Eds. We used to hug the side of the wall and taunt each other to let go. I recall you let go first and that made me angry. You always let go first whether it was ice skating or roller skating. I recall that you liked roller skating better cause when you fell down it wasn't as cold.

Aimee said...

blah blah. So I went ice skating a couple times when I was in grade school - I totally forgot about it. And it was in an indoor rink!
Also, the place where we were hugging the wall, etc, that was roller skating, not ice skating.

@bdul muHib said...

When do we get to see the pictures of Jeremy ice fishing?