Saturday, April 11, 2009

House projects begin

Yesterday was the big day! Our closing appointment was pretty short and a bit anti-climactic. We signed a bunch of papers and then our real estate agent sort of tossed the key over to us. And that was that! I guess I thought there would be a bit more fanfare, celebration, ribbons, balloons... We did have a little celebration: our real estate agent treated us to some tasty snacks at A Baker's Wife's Pastry Shop after we closed.

Then after some other paper work and errands we got down to business. I hung a painting on the wall and we plugged in the phone. That's when we realized how very few plugins are in the house. The phone line is stretched from the back wall and the plug-in cord is stretched from the wall on the right! We might just have to go with our simple phone that doesn't require electricity...

Then, Jeremy got started on a little earth moving. We need to do a little regrading around the house because it slopes toward the house in some areas instead of away. One of our bigger projects...

While he was doing that I worked on moving all the accumulated brush (which is now on the left) away from the fence where we will be putting the compost bins. Hopefully today!

All the brush will be going away - thank goodness the city just started picking up yard waste again.

Chicken permit update: we got a friend who speaks Spanish really well to go with us to the house across the alley and help us communicate with the woman there. Ellen did a great job! It was sort of sad though because the woman shared that she is from Mexico and they used to have chickens and other animals, which she loves. They have lived here ten years and they can't have animals because they rent. She will be sad that there will be chickens nearby and they aren't hers. We'll definitely have to invite her over to visit the chickens.

Today is moving day and I think we only got one volunteer - so, it may be a long day!


Paul said...

Congratulations! I think it's so cool you found a house right next door. Now the real fun begins...

Consider recruiting your Mexican neighbors for chicken duties when you're out for the night or gone for a weekend. We have neighbors who are happy to help out, and it's a huge relief knowing your don't have to worry about the birds when you're gone. Payment is simple - keep the eggs when you open the coop for the morning!

Tam said...

Welcome home owners!

We regraded some land last year. It is a big project, but it's very satisfying to look at when you're all done.

I like your house. It has that big, old house feel.