Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our final answer is...

Light pine! We went with the lighter green color.

It has been fun (and only slightly dangerous) painting this last week. We're pretty much only painting the new siding right now. The old siding needs to be scraped first.

Since it has been so long since any substantial update, here is what we've been up to:

We got foam insulation put up in the ceiling of the upstairs. Jeremy has been planning the electrical up there (and for the rest of the house) since he had to get a few lights in before the insulation went in. We'll be putting in recycled denim insulation in the walls when the time comes for that. We've also been working out the new floor plan for upstairs and Jeremy started framing that recently.

The upstairs gets worked on during rain days. Anytime it's nice enough outside, Jeremy has been working on siding and trim.

Here is the beginning of the window trim on the dormer addition. You can also see the fascia has gone up, but not the soffits.

Here the window trim is done, the soffits are in, and some of the siding has been put up.

Along the face of the new dormer Jeremy added trim to all the windows and new siding (still in process in this photo).

On the front of the house Jeremy had to remove most of the siding (it was in bad shape) and he's been redoing a lot of the vertical trim. Someone replaced parts of it in the past, but only parts of each piece. So most of our vertical trim is in two or three pieces with big ugly blobs of sealant smeared on the seams. And the wood must not have been good to begin with because many of those boards got rotten.

Here's the front mostly redone (Jeremy is working on those last few bits of siding right now!).

While Jeremy is keeping busy with constructing, I've been applying wood filler, sanding, priming, painting, and so forth. And a bit of sewing and baking too!

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Karin McAdams said...

Gorgeous! I really thought the darker green would be better, because of the contrast, but you did right.
When you go crawling around on roofs and ladders, I don't want you panicking, but do remember that you have mothers!