Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Special Delivery

Jeremy and I were eating lunch today and we started hearing a very funny noise. It almost sounded like a duck quacking. We munched thoughtfully on our bites of lunch, straining to hear this bizarre sound, looking at each other and arching our eyebrows. What IS that sound!?

Finally I lept up and went out to the chicken coop. It was the chickens. Two of them to be precise, Rhode Island Reds. Jeremy looked it up and it seemed like the sound they were making was the sound a chicken made while laying an egg!

They seemed unpleased with the nest boxes so I hurried to fill them up with more straw. They seemed to like that, but kept squawking and trading boxes and carrying on.

We kept waiting and waiting and waiting. The rest of the chickens stayed down in the run, very quiet. At one point they were all hunkered down - like we were all expectant parents waiting out in the hall while this tremendous racket of squawking was going on!

We wanted to go run some errands and this squawking and nestbox-hopping had been going on for an hour, so we decided we would leave. I looked in the hen house and saw the birds were mingling about more than before. So I decided to check on the nest boxes:

Our first egg!!


@bdul muHib said...

Congratulations! You're a mommy! ;-)

Tam said...

Luke, my 4 year old bird boy, loves your chicken videos. He was especially impressed by the little chicken-sized door.

Long live brown eggs--at least until the nearest meal time.