Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our own yellow brick road

Okay, so it's not actually yellow. And it's not a road, per se. But it is so picture perfect, I do feel like skipping on it and maybe humming a little song. Maybe.

Anyway, we got quite a bit of our pathway done before our trip and we started back to work as soon as we got home.

Here it is coming from the front of the house around to the side. The gaps are for roots that came into the pathway. We did chop out roots in some areas, but these are for our quaking Aspens and we wouldn't cut even the smallest root from those trees if we could help it.

Pivoting on that spot, now you can see the backyard and the pathway progressing toward the chicken coop and garage. We're almost done! Finally! Then we'll really be skipping back and forth on the path and singing songs!

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