Sunday, August 8, 2010

300 Posts (and I'm not talking about fence posts)

300. It seems like an awfully large number. It feels like a milestone or a landmark. It's probably nothing compared to some folks' blogs. But I thought I'd call it out anyway.

I polled several people at my Meeting for an article about blogging and asked them why they blogged, why it was important to them, etc. There are as many answers as there are people I think.

This blog has come in handy in more ways than I ever thought would be possible.

- It was how we met some cool neighbors just down the street who had recently moved here.

- I've used it to find recipes I blogged about (but never wrote down anywhere else for myself)

- I've used it to remember when something happened, or when someone visited, or to identify plants

- Recently we've used the photos to figure out where the studs were in parts of our house that are now covered up (where on earth can we pound this nail in??)

- And of course we've used it to share about events, progress, new projects, problems with the city, and so forth

- And it has been a great place to keep my family and friends back home updated with what we're up to .

This is actually my third blog. My first one, which I still use very infrequently, is the Vicarious Travelblog (yes, I did think I was very witty with that title). I basically use that one when I'm off on some big trip. I kept the Atomic Antelope when I was in grad school. Perhaps a more boring one than this, but it was a good outlet for talking about my experiences of grad school. I'm glad I have that now - it's fun to read back through it and remember the things I learned and the projects I did. But I quit that at the end of grad school and started this one (which many of you know used to be Northwest Meets Midwest).

And so, Adventures in Urban Homesteading continues on, hopefully with more interesting homesteady things....or really, just whatever I feel like posting about! =)

Thanks to all my loyal readers, lurkers and followers alike.

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