Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Melon

Jeremy grew a short-season melon called Minnesota Midget. I guess it has an 85 day growing period or something. We have probably a dozen or so melons from two plants (these are the ones we planted over the catfish).
Jeremy went to check on them the other day and found one was ripe. It smelled so good even before we cut into it. It ended up having a very subtle flavor, not as sweet as we would like, but not bad.

(Yes, that baby is over a pound!)

Is it weird that we ate our first melon before our first tomato? We picked this and a second tomato the day after the melon:

We’ve been keeping an eye on a few tomatoes that have been looking red and finally these two were ready. But I know people here who were picking tomatoes weeks ago! Obviously we need a sunnier spot for them. Next year…

Wenesday morning Jeremy went out and discovered half a dozen or so of our melons were ripe and ready to pick! Anyone want a melon??

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Karin McAdams said...

That's the problem with melons - how do you preserve them? Apparently there are parts of the Gobi desert or maybe farther west on the Silk Road where they've historically grown fabulous melons, and there they dry them - watermelons at least. I've looked in Chinese groceries for dried watermelon but never seen it.

Tonight we ate our third tomato - all from the plant in the planter! They're just an ordinary kind but really yummy. Yours looks more aristocratic!