Thursday, April 28, 2011

Butter, and lots of it!

Have I ever mentioned how much my husband loves (loves, loves, loves) butter? I often joke that he doesn't like bread at all, it's just a vehicle for eating butter. He totally agrees with this.

We like to buy real, unsalted butter, preferrably Pastureland - but that is incredibly expensive! So we've been getting Hope butter, but that's still pretty outrageously priced (Oh, if only we had goats!).

A friend of ours recently started a Community Supported Bakery and he can get some food in bulk, including butter! So Jeremy ordered up this huge "chunk" of butter. I think it's like 25 pounds or 40 pounds, or something crazy like that.

Can't store something like that in the fridge or freezer so Jeremy cut it all up into smaller pieces.

So now we've got plenty of butter...for the next couple weeks. =)


Julie said...

You know what is great on bread? Honey butter. Just add equal honey to melted butter and poor onto the bread. Soooo... good.....

Jane said...

Weeks???? That would take me a year or more.

Aimee said...

Well, like I said, the man consumes a lot of butter! I can't remember when we got this box o' butter, maybe a month ago, and I'm sure we've gone through two or three of those big hunks so far. I do some baking so there is butter used up there too.

Julie - honey butter does sound quite good. I think I would enjoy that. Jeremy would prefer a huge slab of butter with honey poured over the top. =)

Jessica (your sister) said...

The state of that mans arteries must be atrocious. Don't get me wrong, I like butter too, although I am not sure I would eat it without the bread.