Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Noisy girls

We have five nest boxes, but will those girls spread out and use all of them? No. Will they take turns? No. At least they're splitting the egg laying between three boxes instead of trying to get all the eggs in one single box.

And it also seems like at least 10 at a time are feeling the urge to lay an egg which means they need to cluck and screech and carry on. First announcing, "I'm going to lay an egg!!" Then following that up with, "I laid an egg!" It gets kind of noisy around here in the mornings.

Here are several of the hens trying to use the same boxes at the same time:

Jeremy just had to get a white egg layer ("how novel!") so we got these silver leghorns - which I've whined about before. They are very flighty. And they are very noisy. Occasionally I've been coming up to the house and I hear this awful screeching sound, like a child is dying in the alley. No, just one of the leghorns. I managed to catch one on video to give you an idea. This video is nothing compared to when they really get worked up. It gets much worse. They really do carry on about the egg laying.


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

I think that hen sounds kinda like a cat. Funny. I was 1/2 a mile down the road at a neighbors once and I could hear my guineas yapping it up like they were right there. I wonder if the neighbors hate me :)

Aimee said...

Sometimes I feel like we're in the tropics, the way those girls sound.

I've heard guineas at the fair - those are some loud birds! I wonder all the time what the neighbors think! =)

Prairie Cat said...

At least your ladies use the box! More often than not, I find eggs in the middle of the floor of the coop, in some obscure cramped corner, or even under bushes while they are freeranging!