Monday, March 17, 2008


I miss recycling in Seattle. I didn't realize Seattle had one of the best programs around and was quite progressive in that. I remember the giant green tubs we had where I could toss in any recyclable: paper, plastic, cans, newspaper, cardboard, etc, etc. Of course they preferred glass in a separate tub on the side.

Minneapolis recycling is, I think, a pain in the rear! At least they recycle I guess. We are required to separate mail & office paper, shredded paper, newspapers, magazines, phone books, and cardboard into separate bags. (That's six different bags!) Also separated into separate bags are plastic bottles (but not plastic yogurt containers - what!?), glass bottles, cans, and batteries. We have to separate recycling into 10 different piles, and yet they don't provide the containers to do this. We're supposed to use paper bags. What about those of us who use canvas bags for shopping and don't bring home dozens of paper bags a week??

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Jessica (your sister) said...

ah yes, life outside the NW. Just be glad they are progressive enough to recycle and don't call you hippies for wanting to help the environment.