Monday, June 9, 2008

Rhubarb, and lots of it

Rhubarb seems to like it around here. A plant popped up here in the backyard before it had even finished snowing. I saw the first leaves peaking up through a pile of leaves one day and uncovered the mysterious plant - I had no idea what it was then.

Then Rhubarb started hitting the farmer's markets and co-op and I saw people out in their yards harvesting great piles of it. I didn't pay too much attention because the only I thing I knew to do with rhubarb was to make rhubarb pie - which I do not like.

Then one day I was looking through my muffin cookbook and found a recipe for rhubarb muffins. I decided to give it a try and holy cow! They are the tastiest muffins! Jeremy quickly tracked down two co-workers who have rhubarb in abundance. We visited one co-worker yesterday. He grabbed a sharp knife from the kitchen and lead us out to the backyard where the rhubarb was healthy and strong and taking over everything. We harvested a lot of rhubarb - about 7 pounds (minus all the leaves).

Chopping up the rhubarb and getting it ready to blanch and then freeze:

Now we can make a whole lot of muffins!


Jessica (your sister) said...

Dont you remember the rhubarb muffins from the same book that mom would make? (I remember having them in the green house the most) I cant believe you forgot they were in the muffin book. You loved them, we all did.

All that schooling has pushed other memories out of your head I think. Not that the muffins were important to remember and you didn't pay for them like you did your schooling, so I guess it is okay that you forgot.

Aimee said...

Jeremy and I have discussed it and realized I really just have a bad memory for food. He can remember meals he had 20 years ago! I can't remember that well.