Monday, July 7, 2008

Another garden update

It's been about two weeks since the last garden update and things are going crazy here. I had to have a shot of me in the garden so you could see how big it is getting. The tall stuff in the front is fennel and dill, the tomatoes are very tall too. The lettuce is even getting quite high since we let it go to seed. (We bought a packet of "mixed greens" which turned out to be mostly radish greens with sharp prickly points all over the leaves!)

We have bush beans - baby bush beans!

Remember our first baby tomato? It has become a real bruiser:

And we have a ton of cherry tomatoes. A ton, ton, ton!

Our scarlet runner beans and rattlesnake beans are getting quite tall too - and the rattlesnake beans now have lots of flowers!

Our snap peas have been doing well too. We've harvested a couple small handfuls to add to salads.

I wonder what the next two weeks will bring?


Jessica (your sister) said...

I think a picture of the garden with Jeremy would be better to show how tall the garden is. You are kind of short so it isn't saying much to have you standing there:-P

Aimee said...

Well sis, you have to admit that dill, fennel and tomatoes nearly five feet tall (I'm 5'4") is pretty tall. By your reasoning, I think the plants would look pretty short next to Jeremy. =-p