Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hi Ho Cherry-o

As I mentioned earlier, our friend Ashley from Seattle recently visited. She brought an extra backpack that was completely filled with a 20 pound box of cherries.

Jeremy and I waiting in the airport for Ashley:

The hand-off:

Now Jeremy gets to lug the cherries:

Our little beauties, all bundled up and unharmed:

We picked up this cheap little pitter at an Ace hardware and it worked like a charm:

Though pitting 20 pounds of cherries is a very messy job:

Here’s a few jars of the lovely jam we made:

And here are some of the cherries we dried:

We’ve got about a dozen jars of jam and several more pounds of frozen cherries. And we had fun eating cherries with everything for a few days while Ashley was visiting. Thanks Ashley for bringing those lovely Washington cherries!


@bdul muHib said...

So when you were working with the cherries, did you say, "Out damn spot! Out!"

Aimee said...

I don't think so - but I'm pretty sure I thought about saying it. =)