Sunday, February 8, 2009

Before and After

Remember that door Jeremy cut down to make the doors into the hen house? Jeremy wanted to paint them and I offered to sand and paint them so he could work on some other things.

I grabbed the first door and started sanding away. Lo and behold - it was a little white underneath! I thought it was just a grungy wood door, but it had been painted at some point in time. And then I thought, what if this just needs to be washed? So - I washed the door and that was about all it needed.

I kid you not - this is the same door!

I washed the other one, did some light sanding on the rough parts, and we got those painted yesterday. Jeremy spent a lot of time yesterday cutting some more wood and painting some parts that need to painted before they go in the coop.

I think we're about to have another explosion of progress on the coop. The weather is holding out for us too - lots of days in the 30s. Although this has made the whole area around the coop a wet, slushy, muddy mess.

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