Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our last chickenless day

That's right - the chicks arrive tomorrow!!

Jeremy has been busy with the coop, as you can see:

(a bit bright, but the window is in and all the interior walls are up...)

(all the interior is done and here Jeremy is putting up some framing for the roof...)

(roof pieces showing up...)

(a roof! a roof! I wish someone had taken a picture of Jeremy and I carrying that whole roof section out and putting it up there - that was a Kodak moment! Jeremy had to put the tarp back on after securing the roof - it started snowing hard almost right after he came in!)

We have one or two last minute things to do tomorrow morning before we pick up the chicks, then we'll be hard pressed to do any work sewing or constructing. We'll be oohing and ahhing over the chicks for weeks to come!

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