Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cooped up

Things have been progressing with painting, sawing, cutting, fitting, hammering, etc, etc! The chicks arrive in six days and we're hoping to be done painting and making loud noises in the basement by then. I guess those fluffy little chick bodies can't handle it.

Here Jeremy is working on the window which will go in the south side of the coop. This is the awesome window we got for free from the ReUse Center.

Here is the inside of the coop as of today. The hole in the back wall is for the nest boxes. There will be some little doors on the outside so we can reach in and swipe out the eggs. The hole on the wall to the left is, of course, for the window. And the hole in the floor is where the chickens will be jumping in and out.

And here is Jeremy working away in the "workshop" (otherwise known as the garage):

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