Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Details, Details

Things have been busy around here! The gutters finally went on last week, just in time for some torrential rain (3.5 inches I think!). We had two of the rain barrels hooked up and of course they overflowed within the first few minutes. We have to work on a solution for that.

We don't have the back water barrels hooked up yet because we wanted to replace the trim before the gutters were attached. So water just poured out of the holes in the gutters at the back of the house. Jeremy went down to the basement around 1am to discover water leaking in through one of the windows. All the water was filling up in the back and looking for a place to drain! So, middle of the night, Jeremy went out in his bathrobe and dug a trench - in the pouring rain, and thunder and lightning - to divert the water away from the house. Needless to say, he was very tired the next morning!

He had had a long day doing some projects I've been bugging him to do for months.

First, a laundry line!! Jeremy had to made wooden supports to hold the lines because we couldn't find any ready-to-go laundry line setup that would fit in the existing pipes.

Unfortunately, it turns out our next door neighbor doesn't like seeing our socks and underwear and whatnot - so we have to work out a compromise with him. We might have to dig out the posts (with huge concrete footings!), but we'll see how that goes.

Jeremy also made a shower rod!! I can tell you, trying to wash long hair in a bathtub is not easy. As you can see, we had to be creative about the curtain rod because of the shape of the bathroom. I know we could have just bought some plastic or metal thing...but we had all this stuff on hand and it looks way nicer.

Jeremy has been working on the upstairs framing, but too many other projects have been pulling him away, so this is where we've been at for about a week:

The big project of late has been this back wall. There was an old access door up top (an old window frame, complete with 4 yellow jacket nests!) and we decided it would be much nicer to access the tiny attic crawl space through the inside of the house, not the outside.

So Jeremy cut a hole through the ceiling into the mudroom...

Then up went tar paper and siding!

Over around the corner Jeremy decided to replace the sill. It was mostly rotted out and there was all this foam stuff under the sill. We moved the back steps aside and Jeremy dug out the foam - only to discover that the piece of wood under all that was rotted out too. So he had to replace that too. Ah the slippery slope of house projects!

Jeremy did a great job with the new sill!

As if that isn't enough, we have till Saturday to paint the garage!

The city sent us a letter a month or two ago asking us to paint the garage and fix the trim on the house, something like that. I suppose we could get the date deferred or something, but as you can see - it needs it! Of course this is after scraping, but really it doesn't look much worse that it did before scraping. The siding is in pretty awful shape. It's a pain to have to do all this work now because we have plans for the garage. But those won't be happening for some time, and it does need to be painted. But can we get it done before Saturday??

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