Saturday, August 29, 2009

One face (almost) done

A couple weeks ago I posted about our progress with the back of the house. We've had a lot of rain since then, but Jeremy finally got the rest of the siding up and I got the painting done. There is a little bit more to do, but it looks done, doesn't it? And that's the important part. =) We had the cable company come out and remove the cable box and cable coming to the house - one less wire, one less box, one less hole in the house. That was very satisfying.

Back in the mudroom, here is the new door/hatch into the attic crawl space. (And yes, that red-painted wood is left over from the chicken coop.)

Jeremy also got trim up around the door and a ledger up. This is for the little back deck we intend to build - in like 100 years when we get around to it. Hopefully it will be sooner than that because we're both excited about it and it will be a really sweet deck.

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