Saturday, August 15, 2009


Amazingly, we finished priming the garage last night. We worked on the south side last. It's an alley about two and a half feet across at the most. It's very interesting putting a ladder in there and trying to climb up it! The sun went down and it got really dark in there so we hooked up a shop light to help us finish. I think we finished up at about 10pm.

This morning we went to breakfast with a friend and then came home to start painting again - the top coat this time. Jeremy was too wiped out to paint, but I love painting so I went for it. I got the whole west side done and then our friend came over to help.

Between the two of us, we painted the whole garage!! Isn't it adorable??

This miraculous feat was accomplished with the help of a spectacular modern invention: a big roller with a 3-inch nap. Slap the paint up and smooth it down with a brush. What takes the longest is trim and edging - but there wasn't too much of that on the garage. And the rain even held off till we were done painting.

Now we can get back to our regularly scheduled siding and trim and other work on the house!

Oh, and here's a shot of the garage back in March, for comparison's sake: