Sunday, October 25, 2009


Electrical work around here is stalled and also stalling us.

Upstairs, it is stalled (while we work on other projects).
I always have to tell people as they're going up the steps, these wires aren't live!

I think most of the electrical upstairs ia actually done. Here's a shot of what most of the walls look like: wires running everywhere and coming out of these electrical boxes which will someday be lightswitches, plug-ins, and light fixtures.

There is also some of the original wiring in there which we'll be getting rid of - but we need it now because it's the only thing hooked up in the attic!

All the wires run through the walls and floor and come out here, in the future closet. They'll all be hooking into a junction box. But that wall isn't built yet, so everything languishes on the floor...

Why? Because outside we've been running more electrical (and that is what has been stalling us). Under the pathway I dug outside Jeremy dug a deep trench from the house to the garage and laid this pipe. It took several days to get the wires run - there was one spot where they just did not want to push through. But, with the help of an electrician friend, we finally got it through.

On the other side of that wall is the new sub-panel Jeremy put in that will serve the garage. It will be so nice to have more than one plug-in out there!

And, while we're at it, we're running some electrical to the chicken coop so we don't have to have an extension cord coming out the back window for the rest of the winter. I'm hoping that will be done in a couple days so we can finally close that back window!

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