Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm a little obsessed with fabric these days. Not just buying it willy-nilly; but getting good deals on useable stuff. I've been checking out Craigslist for people selling fabric and have managed to find some good sales.

At the first one last month, I scored about 25 yards of fabric (including a ton of nice wool), needles, buttons, elastic, zippers, and some books for an incredible price. I'm still amazed.

I went to a 'quilters garage sale' today and picked up about 14 yards of fabric and some books for a good price. Lots of good stuff in here!

I'm still sewing for folks around here. The latest big project was a new cover for the family's red, red, red couch:


Unfortunately my machine was acting up so it's in the shop for fixing. I went crazy for a few days. I need to sew! I need to sew! So I cut things out instead, in preparation, including all 1,100 pieces for our quilt.

I cut out some other things, and then dug out my old machine (which detests having to sew anything) and have been sewing away. But I can't show any pictures because it's almost Christmas and gifts is about all I'm working on now. So you'll just have to be patient and wait till next year!

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Chrissy said...

I didn't know you were so good at sewing. I'm impressed.