Friday, October 2, 2009

the journey of a thousand...stitches

Jeremy and I have been talking about a quilt for our bed for a couple years now. I have to make it of course, which is no problem. The problem is when we have to agree on what it will look like!

At first Jeremy wanted something all white-on-white. Boring! But then he started seeing some patterns that he liked - and they were with color! So we pulled out the quilt design books and started making a list of the potential patterns we could use.

We finally settled on one Jeremy found in a quilting book at JoAnns. Then it was months and months (so it seemed) of finessing the pattern and colors. How to make it as complicated and complex-looking as possible with as few colors as possible. This is where Jeremy's fine Photoshop skills kicked in. I found a simple line drawing of our pattern and he filled it in with colors and expanded it to the size of our eventual quilt. Then we experimented by changing one color here, a tone there, a color there.

When we thought we had it down, we went to our local quilt shop and found some colors we thought would work. I took close-up pictures of all of them, then we fed those into our design and played around with it some more. Finally, we figured out the colors and the pattern!

And here are the first two squares:

Only one thousand, three hundred or so to go...


Jonathan Dresner said...

Nice: simple, but energetic looking. How big are those squares?

Aimee said...

They're about 8 or 9 inches square. All put together the quilt will really look fantastic. I wish I could snap my fingers and it would be done!