Sunday, July 4, 2010

Even more berries!

Our raspberries are doing very well this year. I think we've picked somewhere around 2 pounds of raspberries. Our records aren't very good though because every time I leave the house I grab a few, or when we're picking some I eat half as many as go in the little boxes.

In any case, we've got black raspberries, two different red kinds, and the Korean gold which is very tasty. Here's the haul from a few days ago:

The Korean Gold is in an off-year. Given how many stalks it's sending out it should be incredibly prolific next year.

The ones we haven't eaten went into the freezer to make jam later. I insisted on this because I want Jeremy to get back to work upstairs!

Last week Jeremy and his intern went out strawberry picking and brought home about 50 pounds of strawberries. Yikes! They were processing them for days. After freezing tons of them and making some jam, there was still a bowl left so Jeremy decided to try his hand at a strawberry pie.

He's quite the pie maker!

Apparently it didn't taste quite as good as it looked. I didn't try any. The very idea of a strawberry pie - blech! Not sure how to improve on the taste, but I know Jeremy will figure it out - if he decides to make a strawberry pie again...


Boda said...

Great seeing your updates again.
The strawberry pie IS beautiful - picture perfect.
I think the best strawberry pies are the cold ones - you know, all blended up with some whipping cream and/or cream cheese.

Tam said...

I wonder if its taste or texture. Strawberries are so difficult to bake with, they always turn to weird goo.

I think that's why they make the ones with a baked crust, a liner/glue like pastry cream, and whole strawberries. Assemble and chill.