Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Floor

I guess I'd better get back to posting about the rest of life - it certainly hasn't ceased just because of all this mushrooms vs. the city business! (For further updates on that, you can join our new Facebook page: Save the Mushrooms!)

Three weeks ago I posted about the first row of flooring going down. Jeremy spent days coating the under-side of every piece of wood and making notations about any bit that shouldn't be used.

Then he rented a floor nailer and got to work:

He mostly finished the floor in one week - we couldn't afford to rent the nailer for any longer than that! He had a couple rows to do by hand at the end (the floor nailer wouldn't fit in those tight spots) and he just finished with that on Friday. Wahoo!

Our floor is so beautiful:

Obviously I like the closet too, and the way it seems to rise out of the floor (since it's bare wood too and everything else is painted).
Jeremy just rented a sander so hopefully sanding and coating the floor will be done in a couple days. Then he gets to work on all the trim.

This will all be done soon - our permit expires mid-August and we have to have it done by then! Yes, we could get another extension, but I won't allow it. I just won't. =)

If all goes well, we'll be moving into the upstairs by the end of August!!


Karin McAdams said...

It is indeed so beautiful! And I'd say that even if I weren't the mother!

Jill and Chrish said...