Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

It's hard to believe I've only posted about the upstairs twice in the last month and a half when so much has been going on. Well... maybe not so much, but toward the end it feels bigger because every piece you put up finishes something and you don't have to deal with it again.

After the floor there was a long list of all the final trim things that needed to be done:

The transom over the door:

(still need to sand off the wood filler from the nail holes...)

The window trim and window seat:

(Can't wait to put some books in there!)

More window trim:

(The cute little window that will one day look down into the kitchen...)

(trim done in the front window - cannot wait to tear those stickers off!)

Trim around the closet door:

And then these stairs, which we're in the midst of fixing up. Jeremy put in some new nails because some of the old ones kept coming up. I stepped on one a couple weeks ago and boy did that hurt! The stairs are so old it seems like the nail holes are stripped (if you will) so a couple bigger, longer nails did the trick.

You can see the paint job is also horrific. I'm guessing a UM fan lived here - aren't these the colors? Anyway, not only are the steps multi-colored, there are paint drips all over. The plan is to paint the whole thing one color, including the bit of trim on the sides. I think it will look fabulous.

For those wondering about the final inspection, it was actually supposed to happen last week. We were all set to do it, with a plan for getting the desk, more trim, and the railing in on time - and then we discovered the railing didn't comply with code! Grr - stupid code. So Jeremy is just going to build his own now. We delayed the inspection by a month and I'm hoping everything will get done by then! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

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Omar said...


This looks great! Can't wait for my next trip through the area to see it in person. :-)