Friday, February 20, 2009

Feeding time

We're working on bonding with the chicks so we've started feeding them from time to time out of our hands. There is food out for them all the time of course. The first time I put my hand in the brooder with a pile of food they were quite wary. But a few brave souls came forward after a few minutes and tried it out. I guess they're a bit like lemmings because the rest followed suit.

The upside is that now when we come and put our hands in the brooder, the chicks all come running and peeping over. It's very adorable - and it makes catching them much easier. =) (sorry for the color - it's the heat lamp!)

Jeremy has been working away on the coop as you can see. He's got the roof up (and it started snowing right after he got this up) and he got a light in the hen house and some insulation in.

(the roof is nearly done! notice the frozen lake of a sidewalk. I keep trying to chip out the ice when it warms up, but it's usually quite treacherous walking back and forth from the garage to the coop.)

(this is a detail showing the underside of the roof and the inside of the hen house where you can see the can light.)


@bdul muHib said...

In this weather, have you given any consideration to crawling in there with the chicks? That heat lamp looks very inviting!

Aimee said...

The heat lamp is actually a bit too hot for me. I've nearly burned myself a couple times when I've had my hand in there feeding the chicks (or just letting them walk all over me). It's keeping around 90 degrees, which is just too hot for someone from the northwest. =)