Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Graffiti thwarting

There's nothing like a freshly painted expanse of garage to invite a few taggers along. We heard (and hopefully it's not a myth!) that graffiti artists paint/tag buildings or your garage because it's a fresh, wide open space. They won't often tag a mural or something with other images on it because then their tag won't stand out. (So I've heard anyway.)

So Jeremy went and found some images he liked and freehand drew a rooster and a sun! I am really impressed. He cut these out of some big pieces of cardboard and we spray painted the images onto the side of the garage.

So far, so good...


@bdul muHib said...

The first time I went to Yemen, everywhere I looked I saw these images. I thought they were ancient tribal symbols. This time I found out that the sun represented the opposition Islamist/Tribal Islah Party, and the rearing horse the President's Party, and it was political campaigning. So I guess we know where your Yemeni politics lie! ;-)

parsnipsaplenty said...

Respectful taggers also won't tag a decorated space because there's already someone else's art on it. I'd like to think that in Minnesota, all taggers are respectful taggers.