Monday, August 2, 2010

Furry visitor

Last week a friend of ours rescued a bunny in the park. She and her dog were out walking early in the morning, and the tiny little black and white bundle ran (hopped?) up to her. Definitely not a wild park bunny. She took it home, put it in a box, and gave it carrots and sprouts to munch on. She hasn’t had any luck finding the owners. (I’m guessing someone got a rabbit for their kid for Easter and they finally got tired of taking care of it and dumped it in the park to fend for itself. Don’t get your kids chicks and bunnies for Easter unless you intend to take care of them for a long time!)

Anyway, our friend had to go out of town for the weekend so she asked us to bunny-sit. How could we say no to that cute little face?

We thought this would be a good trial run since Jeremy wants to get rabbits someday. It was very cute, and liked to eat all the time, but I think it had been neglected (really long nails) and maybe even abused. It was not the friendliest rabbit (at least to me!) and preferred to hide out in its box. I did enjoy setting up a comfy space for it. Our friend (who lives in a condo and doesn't have piles of wood chips and hay lying around, like us homesteaders) didn’t have any bedding in the box at all. I added a pile of hay and a little cardboard box for the bunny to rest in. She really seemed to enjoy this.

(Of course I only got a shot of her when I had the wood chips in, before I put in the hay. But you get the point.)

We thought briefly about keeping the bunny as a pet, since no owner has come forward, but we decided not to in the end. Our friend collected the bunny on Sunday night, and it still needs a home!

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taylorgirl6 said...

We raised rabbits when I was a kid. It was cool when I was twelve (mainly because we could never have cats or dogs), but I quickly discovered that prey animals are not the most interactive pets. Their poo is top notch stuff, though. I have thought once or twice that it might be good to raise buns for meat, but the better half has firmly set her foot down on that idea for the time being.