Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yesterday's project

A friend of mine just had a baby and I decided it was high time I got back into making baby quilts. The last one I made was in 2005! Life intervened, as it is wont to do, and I've missed making quilts for quite a few folks.

No time like the present to get started again. I whipped this up yesterday:

I decided on black & white because supposedly that's all a baby can see for the first while anyway. Maybe it's too stark though. I'm going to add a splash of color to it, just have to make another run to the quilt shop.

I wanted to make a quilt with the cirle motif and I saw a couple like this online. Most of them, however, do it differently than I did this one. They cut out a circle and, through different methods, sew it down on top of a square of fabric. I didn't want to do a ziz-zag stitch and I didn't want to mess with folding under the edges of the cirle (what a pain!). So I cut the circle out of the square fabric, placed a square piece of fabric under the hole, and folded under that circle. Does that make any sense at all? If anyone is interested I guess I can post more detailed pictures. In any case, it seemed to me to be way easier.

I think I'm going to take the plunge and do some machine "quilting" on this one. I use quotes because I just think using a machine to quilt is cheating! (And yet I am jealous about how much faster machine quilters can get their quilts done!)

I'll post a pic when it's all done.

(p.s. oops - I forgot that I have made two baby quilts since 2005 - both for my niece!)


Jessica (your sister) said...

You know, I always thought that baby quilts should be two sided. One with just black and white for when they are little and only see those two and one full of color for when they can see the color. But that is just me. Although I am sure I have discussed this with Gwen and I think she is agreed. Anyway, nice quilt...although machine quilting...I don't know...

We went to the Oregon State fair and they had a very nice selection of quilts entered. Mom got some pictures if you are at all interested :-)

RantWoman said...

I love your quilt and the story of how you decided to handle creation of the squares.

Thank you also for thinking about what the baby can see. I have always been kind of allergic to endless pastel around babies and I don't think it is just because of my lifelong vision issues. But I am nerd enough to wonder whether anyone has ever actually investigated what babies actually like to look at as opposed to what soothes their grownups.

Aimee said...

Jess - I'm sure Gwen is agreed - didn't she make a quilt for Amaya that was B&W on one side and color on the other? And yes - send me those pics!

RantWoman - I'm sure someone has done research, or at least I wouldn't be surprised. But at that age, it's pretty much all about the grown-ups, right? I mean, do kids like the outfits they're put into every day? Who knows. =)