Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snow awning

Some people have awnings on their homes. These are often made of fabric, sometimes of metal or maybe wood. We only have awnings in the winter. They're made of ice.

When it gets just warm enough, the sheet of ice/snow on the low-slope roof will start to slide off. Ever. So. Slowly. The sheets of ice will be sticking out one to two feet before they finally break off.

One half falls harmlessly to the ground. The other half falls onto the roof below (with a mighty crash), slides down that roof, then onto the sidewalk and plants below (thereby utterly destroying a couple of the cages around our blueberries.) We'll have to do something about that next year.


Jane said...

Well it looks cool :) Do you have those ice stopper things that are at the bottom of metal roofs? I thought those were made to stop that from happening. Looks like it could be dangerous if you were in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Aimee said...

No, we didn't have those things installed. I suppose we could do that someday if it seemed dangerous. But we're not usually standing under the roof in the middle of winter. =)
We will have to do something about the berries. I hope they have survived all the snow and ice!

Julie said...

I believe Jane is talking about heated cables. Our neighbor put ours into our house before we bought it. You should be able to by a kit at a hardware store and DIY it. I am glad that we have ours.

Aimee said...

There are two different things actually. One is the metal stop you put on a metal roof - and the other is the heated cable. We do have one of those hanging around somewhere.