Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A week or two ago one of our neighbors noted that there was still a lot of snow on our roof. Most of the snow has melted off other roofs in the neighborhood. I explained the reason was because of our metal roof. It reflects the sun's heat so the roof doesn't heat up and make the snow melt.

Some parts of the roof are steep enough that when enough snow accumulates it all just slides off. But not on the upper near-flat roof.

With temperatures warming up recently and things starting to melt, the snow up there wants to come down. And the 6-8 inch sheet up there is coming down in huge noisy, house-shaking chunks. It's kind of cool!

The funny noise just before the crash is one of our chickens.

This crashing of snow has been going on for about two or three days now. How much snow could possibly be up there!? (Good thing we fixed that lower roof over the summer...)

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janell said...

Last year a huge amount of snow slid off our roof and tore the deck rail clean off...kinda scary.