Saturday, June 6, 2009

plumbing and roofing and building, oh my!

I certainly hope last week will have been the busiest week of this whole project! Our builder had some delays which pushed his schedule a bit, but we had the roofers set to come out soon (in two days!). Then we heard it was supposed to rain this weekend so we wanted to get things covered up. (Oh, and Jeremy had to take a last minute trip out of town for a week, so he wanted to work on roof tear-off before he left yesterday.)

The plan was for Jeremy and I to take off all the shingles and for us to replace any bad sheathing. We got started on that early Tuesday morning and worked all day Tuesday, Wednesday, and were still going with the last bits when the roofers arrived at noon on Thursday! When we took shingles off the first floor bedroom space we discovered what an awful job had been done there in the past. Multiple fixes and patches of different kinds and thicknesses of sheathing, and underneath the roof joists were bowing down they were so rotten. So we asked our builder to replace the sheathing - which also meant replacing the roof joists! That was an all day job that took away from putting up the fascia, which has to be up before the roof goes on.

In the midst of all this, the rest of our HVAC system was installed and hooked up on Monday and then the plumber came Wednesday and Thursday to move some pesky in-the-way plumbing pipes. Then we had to have a preliminary building inspection on Friday, as well as the plumbing inspection! Now we just have to clean up the piles of shingles that are all over the ground around the house.

Enough chatter - here are the pics!

Oh yeah, we have windows now! Anyway, here is the south-east corner of the upstairs, with the plumbing pipes running over the floor.

And now the pipes are in the wall! (and some below, running on the ceiling in the bathroom. But more about the bathroom later!)

Here's the upstairs once we took off all the shingles and tar paper. I was very tempted to just cover the roof with a sheet of glass and leave it this way. But I'm sure that's not to code.

This is the roof of the kitchen addition after we took off shingles and tar paper. With a few exceptions, the rafters and 2x4s and sheathing of this house are just beautiful! I can't wait to find out some more history about this place.

Now the roof is covered in paper, in preparation for the roof to go on.

Here's another shot of the house after the roofers left. They papered everything they could and the rest had to be tarped.

So, this is the view when you walk up the stairs now! I kind of think of the upper floor as a tree fort. =)

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